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Pago final Princesa Adelaide by Andrea Arcello

"Muy importante no se pueden aplicar códigos promocionarles o descuento para las Pre Ordenes, si se aplica un descuento se cancelará el pedido" No olvides tus ojos:  ACRÍLICOS CRISTAL Disponible por tiempo limitado para el pago final del "hasta el 6 de agosto 2018" Tiene brazos y piernas completas. Se incluye certificado. Se enviara el pedido a partir...
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Ellory by Andrea Arcello

Ellory is the last creation of the artist Andrea Arcello The kit measures 18 " Includes chest plate and belly The planned date of launch of the pre-order will be on October 24
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"PRE-ORDER" Eloisa by Andrea Arcello

"PRE-ORDER" Eloisa by Andrea Arcello This little beauty is unique and very different from other kits! Your hand, with all the extra wrinkles, wraps around your face while you suck your thumb or pacifier. His other hand is sculpted in such a way that he gently pulls on the ear. ❤️❤️❤️ Limited edition Size: 18 " Arms and Legs: Complete
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